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SEO Company Glasgow | Changes That Are Impacting SEO

Search engine optimisation is still taking the marketing industry by storm. With the ever-changing environment associated with digital marketing, here are some of the changes that are impacting SEO as well as how to find an SEO company Glasgow.

Mobile Designs

Almost 60% of searches nowadays are coming from mobile devices. Due to this, Google has rolled out updates that make mobile searches the primary index. This has become a top priority when developing new SEO strategies.

Site Caching

Caching can dramatically improve your sites load time. The aim of a search engine is to provide results that are relevant and can give users the best possible experience. If your website loads faster, it will lead to better rankings and a lower bounce rate.

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Natural Language

Due to the rise of voice searches through mobile features – such as Siri – people are having to start to think more about content. Conversational content that is in a natural dialogue is becoming more and more of a necessity. This isn’t just changing the way that content is developed, it also affects the set-up of paid ads and the way a brand defines itself.

Image Optimisation

Images are becoming more and more competitive when it comes to content search. This is because many people would rather find an infographic with all the information they are looking for, rather than reading through screeds and screeds of information. This has led to images needing to be optimised for searches. This helps the user, as well as the search engine to find relevant content with greater ease.

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Rich Answers

People are changing the way they interact with Google. They aren’t just looking for general information. People want to know the answers to direct questions, but they don’t just want any answers, they want rich answers. When it comes to content, websites that answer these sorts of questions – such as “what are dermal fillers?” will receive preference and rank higher, rather than ones with general information.

Site Security

Search engines are putting emphasis on the importance of security when it comes to being online, it is then also rewarding the efforts of companies who play it safe and have efficient security. If the appropriate guidelines and practices are used then your site will be just fine.

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How to Choose an SEO Company Glasgow

When it comes to choosing an SEO company Glasgow, it can be difficult to know where to start. The amount of variety in SEO companies is pretty staggering, but not surprising considering how useful SEO can be to every business. SEO can improve your websites rankings, which in turn creates more exposure, generates more leads, and converts more of those leads than PPC. Not to mention that the effects of SEO last far longer than any other type of advertising.

If you have had a bad experience with SEO, that hasn’t given you the results you were hoping for, then you need to look into how smarter digital marketing strategies and techniques could transform your business.

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